The State Fair is over, all of the corn dogs and cheese curds are eaten, the kids are back in school, and summer is sadly coming to a close. But this also means Twin City TaeKwonDo is back from our short one week summer break, ready for the new academic year!

I want to go over a few changes in this new academic year that we should take note of in the coming few weeks:

  • We have a test quickly coming up in the in the beginning of October (specific date to come). Students, please get those last stripes as soon as possible if you would like to be in that test.
  • We have had some changes to the practice floor which should have minimal impact on classes but if there are any concerns please talk to an instructor for more information.
  • We are going to start our final stages of instructor apprenticeship training for Ashley (for those interested in what this is a blog post on the topic will be coming soon!).  This means you will be seeing her teaching partial classes leading up to a few full classes (under senior instructor supervision) in the coming months.
  • We will be rolling out an email announcement system in the next month. If you haven’t given us your email or an up to date emergency contact information waiver please do so as soon as possible. This system will be hugely helpful when the snow starts flying.


Thank you all for a great summer and we look forward to a brand new academic year full of sweat, knowledge, and fun! 🙂


Mr. [Adam] Poetter

Head Instructor – TC TaeKwonDo